Stories of Positive Body Images that can help all women

The Bare Truth


Sizes and shapes of women vary but if you have feelings of inadequacy with your body, know that you are not alone. So many are like you and  just aren't comfortable in their own skin, particulary when it's just your skin you see, unshielded by clothing.

As I started this, it was just to be artistic, fine art, nude photography, but it has become so much more. It became a presentation that helps women of all sizes.

(See the tab "THE NAKED EYE: The Presentation" for more on this and how to book it)

Some of you may look at the woman in the mirror, Mrs.Hyde to your Dr. Jekyll, and  believe the lies she tells you every- single- day.

 I want YOU to see yourself through the unblinking eye of my camera, without the judgemental predilections from the years of self doubt and body shaming you have endured. To be able to silence those backhanded compliments  you hate that have echoed throughout your life from people who were short on ears and long on mouth.

I hope the photo session we have has you exuding confidence from within and being proud of your body as the shoot progresses.


 To do that would have you looking back at pictures of a fantasy. I want the real you, flaws and all.  Your body is a map of your life's journey, a treasure map, because you are at the end of it.  I will show the beauty, the shapes and create some abstract images  as I explore the unique pathways etched on you.

If you have some confidence then it will be a a re-affirmation of your beauty and allure.

The worst that can happen is I am wrong and you walk away feeling the same. But, what if I am right? Then, like some already, you walk away changed.

Isn't it worth finding out?